Ndamulelo Nemakhavhani


Versatile technologist, musician and entrepreneur

  • Website Domain Registration & Hosting

    We can help you register a Domain for your Website or set up your Business Email

  • ChatGPT

    We can help you to integrate ChatGPT into your Website or Business processes

  • Whatsapp Bot

    We can help you set up a WhatsApp Customer Support Bot for your Business

  • Online store & Payments

    We can help you set up your E-commerce store with localised & convenient payment methods

  • App Development

    We can help you develop a customised web, desktop or mobile app for your Business

My favourite tools
  • ChatGPT

    Awesome general purpose AI chatbot that helps me with most of my daily tasks

  • Notion

    My favourite note taking app that I use to organise my life

  • Grammarly

    My favourite tool for writing well-edited documents, assignments and emails

  • Eleven Labs

    by far, the best Text-to-Speech tool I have ever used great for generating voice overs, vocals, virtual assistants etc.

  • Canva

    My favourite design tool for quick designs

  • VS Code

    My favourite code editor

  • Windows WSL2

    Linux environment built into Windows allowing me to enjoy the best of both worlds!


My personal blog discussing Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, AI and general ICT commentary


---coming soon---

Short Bio

Ndamulelo(He/Him) is a professional Data & Software Engineer with a commendable history of working in the Information Technology industry. His spare time activities include being a musician and entrepreneur. With expertise in Data Science, Cloud Computing, and emerging Artificial Intelligence (AI), he is committed to creating societal value and driving economic growth through technology. He stays ahead of the curve in the latest advancements in Engineering and AI to continue to deliver innovative solutions and drive client success.

Do good work, communicate it properly, people will notice and good things will happen - Andrej Karpathy
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